SSO Virtual Conservatory

The Springfield Symphony Orchestra is delighted to announce a new initiative to provide virtual music lessons to students hoping to continue their instrumental music education! Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, many students are not able to participate in their school’s band and orchestra program this year. We know so many students are looking for ways to continue improving their skills on their instrument, and the Springfield Symphony Orchestra would like to help with our new Virtual Conservatory!

The SSO Virtual Conservatory will provide students with online Zoom lessons with the professional musicians of the Springfield Symphony Orchestra. Many students of the Springfield Youth Orchestras will be using this service in preparation for their online fall auditions. This is a great way for students to interact with a professional teacher who can give them one-on-one attention in a safe manner. Whether a student has taken lessons before, or if it is their first time taking a private lesson, we are sure that our teachers will be incredibly friendly, encouraging, and devoted to each student that participates in the Virtual Conservatory.

How do I sign up?

To sign up, simply fill out the SSO Virtual Conservatory Registration Form Here:

Please know that registering does not commit you to anything long term. A registration is simply for us to receive an active email address so your teacher can communicate with you about your Zoom lessons. Also know that your first lesson is FREE, with no underlying conditions. This free lesson is to provide the student with a trial run of how a typical lesson would go. If a student enjoys their lesson, they may continue the lessons at $28 per 30-minute lesson.

How often are the lessons?

We highly encourage students that register for the SSO Virtual Conservatory to take one 30-minute lesson a week, to provide consistency in their instruction. Depending on the student’s age and level, you can decide to take 45 or 60 minute lessons as well.

How much does it cost?

Any student that fills out a registration for the SSO Virtual Conservatory would receive their first 30-minute lesson FREE. This provides all students with the chance to receive a trial lesson to see if the Virtual Conservatory is a good fit for them. If a student enjoys their lesson and would like to continue the instruction, they can continue by paying $28 per 30-minute lesson (you can also do $42 per 45-minute lesson and $56 per 60-minute lesson). Please know that registering for the Virtual Conservatory does not sign you up for any long-term commitment, so there is no risk for a student to try it out!

Who would be my child’s teacher?

Depending on the student’s current level on their instrument, the SSO will be able to pair the student with the appropriate teacher. All our teachers are professional musicians of the Springfield Symphony Orchestra and will provide a wealth of knowledge and experience for the student to learn from. We are confident that all our teachers will be incredibly friendly, encouraging, and thorough in their instruction.

What will my child learn?

All music lessons will be catered to the student’s goals. Many of the students participating in the SSO Virtual Conservatory are preparing for the SYO/SCC fall auditions, so they would be working on scales and solo works with their teacher. However, our teachers will also be able to work with students on orchestral excerpts, solo works, etudes, orchestra and band music, and more. We can guarantee that our teachers will have a wealth of knowledge that can help guide each student with steady improvement in their individual playing!

Why should my child take private lessons through the SSO Virtual Conservatory?

The benefits of taking private lessons are endless! While participating in band and orchestra at school is a fun and valuable experience, students may feel they are not receiving enough one-on-one attention. If a student participates in the SSO Virtual Conservatory, they would be provided with the opportunity to make personable connections with our professional teachers. Our teachers will have warm and friendly personalities and will be able to adjust their instruction to the needs of each individual student. Parents will be able to see dramatic results with their child’s playing after just a few months of private lessons.


Pay for my SSO Virtual Conservatory Lessons below

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You can also call the SSO office at (937) 325-8100 to set up a credit card payment or download this pdf and send in with payment information.

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