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The Springfield Symphony Orchestra is widely known for making beautiful music for the enjoyment of our community, but the Symphony does more than that! The SSO proudly supports numerous educational programs for our young people, making this a better community. Many of the young people we touch will be the concert audiences of tomorrow, but more importantly they will be better prepared to be productive citizens.

Music education can provide skills and capabilities that will help children be more successful in school and in life. Music education has been demonstrated to improve children’s test scores and math abilities. Participation in musical activities also helps young people learn to work together with other students toward a common goal. What a lesson for life!

Since 1950 the SSO has continually introduced new educational programs to improve the lives of our community’s children. In addition to presenting quality performances of live symphonic music, it is also the mission of the SSO to continue to provide educational programs to enrich the lives of adults and children in and around Clark County.

Education Programs offered by the Springfield Symphony Orchestra:

» Springfield Youth Orchestras
» Springfield Youth Choir
» Pre-Concert Presentations “Opening Notes”
» Concerts for Young People
» Students at the Symphony
» Project Protégé

The Springfield Symphony Orchestra was a charter member of the Clark Community Cultural Consortium. Launched by the Arts Al!ve Partnership, the Clark Community Cultural Consortium (CCCC) was a group of Springfield and Clark County, Ohio community agencies and businesses that joined together to create, promote, and provide cultural programs for our community schools. The CCCC members presented lessons in classrooms, provided materials and workshops for teachers, offered large group experiences (assemblies and field trips), and created opportunities for students to visit their agency or business. The collaboration of CCCC members was an opportunity for local agencies and businesses to work together to strengthen our community educationally, economically and culturally.

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Children who are immersed in the arts do markedly better in all other academic subjects.

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