Springfield Youth Orchestras and Children’s Chorus

Springfield Youth Symphony (SYS)

Under the direction of Mr. Carlos Elias, this ensemble is comprised of our top student musicians from over 25 different schools and home schools in Clark, Champaign, Logan, Franklin, Greene, Miami, Montgomery, and Shelby counties.Since 1959, the Springfield Youth Symphony has provided one of the few opportunities in this area for young musicians to play in a full orchestral setting. Each season features several concerts and weekly rehearsals in the educational environment of the John Legend Theater.

Highlights of the Springfield Youth Symphony season include:

» Sectional coachings by members of the Springfield Symphony Orchestra.

» Select participation in our chamber music ensembles, known as LiveWire, which includes our Brass Quintet, Woodwind Quintet, String Quartet, Percussion Ensemble and others. These small ensembles are featured in numerous performances throughout the school year. Students are chosen by audition.

» Chamber music opportunities with a Brass Ensemble and Woodwind Quintet, String Quartet and Percussion Ensemble. These small ensembles are featured in numerous performances throughout the school year. Students are chosen by audition.

» Master class opportunities with SSO guest artists.

» Project Protégé, a program in which select SYS musicians are invited to perform with the Springfield Symphony Orchestra during a subscription concert.

» A Concerto Competition for SYS seniors. The winner performs a solo with the SYS in the spring semester. 

» Collaborative opportunities to enhance each student’s participation in the arts. The Youth Orchestra program has participated in exciting collaborations with the National Trail Parks and Recreation District, The Gary Geis Dance Company, The Westcott House, Hatch Artist Studios, CoHatch, The Springfield Museum of Art and the Clark State Community College Theater Program.

Springfield Youth Chamber Orchestra (SYCO)

The Springfield Youth Chamber Orchestra

Mrs. Hanna Lacey conducts the Springfield Youth Chamber Orchestra (SYCO), a group that is designed for students who have approximately two to three years experience studying their instrument. This ensemble focuses more on the skills that make a group of musicians sound good together and less on individual playing technique. Ideally, students in this group are preparing to move up into our Youth Symphony.

SYCO rehearses at the John Legend Theater on Monday nights, from 7-9pm (just like the SYS!).


Springfield Youth String Ensemble (SYSE)

The Springfield Youth String Ensemble

Mrs. Lydia Stout conducts the Springfield Youth String Ensemble (SYSE), which is for beginner strings students who have at least one year of playing experience. SYSE provides a warm and friendly environment for our beginner string students to learn how to perform in a large ensemble setting. For many of our students, this is their first ensemble experience ever!

SYSE rehearses at the John Legend Theater on Monday nights, from 6-7:30pm.


Springfield Children’s Chorus (SCC)

Children's Chorus
The Springfield Children’s Chorus

Established in 2012, the Springfield Children’s Chorus is open to students in grades 5 through 10. In affiliation with the Springfield Youth Orchestra, the Springfield Children’s Chorus brings young singers together every Monday night for rehearsals at the John Legend Theatre in downtown Springfield. Under the direction of Mr. Sean Hurley, the goal of the Springfield Children’s Choir is to unite students of all backgrounds in song by improving their vocal skills, developing a love of music, and building lasting friendships. Ms. Kristina Ahlstrom serves as the SCC pianist.

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