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“On a branch of a big tree sat a little bird, Peter’s friend. ‘All is quiet!’ chirped the bird happily…..”

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Flute Fun Facts:

1) Flutes can be made from many types of materials such as silver, gold, crystal, wood, glass, platinum, ivory, and nickel.

2) Flutes are known to be one of the oldest instruments, dating back to Germany over 35,000 years ago.

3)The flute is one of the highest-pitched instruments.

4) Even though the modern flute is made from metal, it is still considered a woodwind instrument, as flutes originated

5) The flute is the only woodwind instrument that is played horizontally (or transversely), or to the side, while all the other woodwinds playing vertically.

6) The player must use more air on the flute than any other instrument, including the tuba!

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