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“Suddenly, something caught Peter’s attention. He noticed a cat crawling through the grass. The cat thought; ‘That little bird is busy arguing, I’ll just grab him.’ Stealthily, the cat crept towards him on her velvet paws. ‘Look out!’ shouted Peter and the bird immediately flew up into the tree, while the duck quacked angrily at the cat, from the middle of the pond. The cat walked around the tree and thought, ‘Is it worth climbing up so high? By the time I get there the bird will have flown away.”

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Clarinet Fun Facts:

1) The clarinet is a single-reed woodwind instrument, compared to the double-reed instruments, the oboe and bassoon. The clarinet reed vibrates against a mouthpiece to make the sound.

2) Most clarinets are made from grenadilla wood, just like the oboe.

3) The Clarinet’s name stems from the word “clarino” or “clarion” which means little trumpet.

4) The Clarinet was invented in Germany by Johann Denner in the late 1700’s, and originally only had 2 keys. The modern clarinet has many more keys now!


5) Clarinets are still relatively new to the orchestra, compared to the other woodwinds, as they were the last instrument to be included in the symphony orchestra.

6) The character, Squidward, from SpongeBob Squarepants, plays the clarinet!


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