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“Just then grandfather came out. He was upset because Peter had gone in the meadow. ‘It’s a dangerous place. If a wolf should come out of the forest, then what would you do?’ But Peter paid no attention to his grandfather’s words. Boys like him are not afraid of wolves. But grandfather took Peter by the hand, led him home and locked the gate.”

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Bassoon Fun Facts:

1) The bassoon is a double reed woodwind instrument, just like the oboe. However, the bassoon reed is much larger and wider than the oboe reed.

2) Most bassoons are made from maple wood.

3) The bassoon is the tallest and longest woodwind instrument, measuring at 4 feet, 5 inches.


4) A bassoon is the lowest woodwind instrument.

5) The modern day bassoon’s design was originated in France in the mid-17th century, and is known as a ‘fagotto’.

6) The bassoon is very heavy and most musicians require a special seat strap to play the instrument. This seat strap almost looks like a belt.


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