SYO and SYC 2023-2024 Youth Auditions

Do you enjoy playing your instrument in your school band, orchestra or choir program? Do you enjoy making music with friends? Do you simply have an interest in performing?

The Springfield Symphony Youth Orchestras and Choir are excited to start another wonderful 2023-2024 season. SYO and SYC provide a comprehensive, fun and enriching musical education experience for students ranging from elementary school through high school ages.

Springfield Youth Orchestra Auditions

Applications are open to flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, french horn, trumpet, trombone, tuba, percussion, harp, violin, viola, cello, and double bass. No saxophones, euphonium/baritone, or piano.

You must submit an audition application through Google Forms to be considered for the Springfield Youth Orchestras. Audition applications must be submitted by August, 16 2023.
Auditions will take place August 26, 2023 at High Street United Methodist Church (230 East High Street, Springfield OH 45505). String auditions for SYS, SYCO, and SYSE will take place 10:00-1:00, in 10-minute increments. Winds, brass, and percussion will take place 1:00-4:00, in 10-minute increments. Musicians may sign up for audition once application is received.

Springfield Youth Choir Auditions

You must submit and audition application through Good Forms to be considered for the Springfield Youth Choir. Audition Forms must be submitted by August, 16 2023. Auditions will take place August 26, 2023 at first rehearsal which will be an open house for those interested in the Youth Choir.



Please remember that we are not looking for perfect young musicians, but students who have a great attitude, enjoy working with others, and have an appreciation for music and performing!





What would the SYO/SYC Schedule look like?

What is LiveWire?

Live Wire is a chamber music society featuring a Brass Ensemble, Woodwind Quintet, two String Quartets, and a Percussion Ensemble. This unique performing opportunity for Youth Orchestra members encourages artistic excellence and personal achievement through the vehicle of chamber music. Participants are chosen by audition and other criteria, and perform in a wide variety of community settings. LiveWire ensembles receive professional coaching from members of the Springfield Symphony Orchestra.

What would I expect from my experience with the SYO/SYC?

Members of the SYO/SYC program should expect an incredibly fun experience while they make music with their peers! Students will have the opportunity to perform a wide array of music, work in sectional coachings with SSO musicians, improve their playing on their instrument, and have memorable performances for large crowds. Students feel a sense of belonging and purpose during their time in our programs! The experience of a SYO/SYC member cannot be underestimated, and we continue to strive to make every student feel respected and valued during their time in the program!

How much does it cost to be in the SYO/SYC program? Is there financial aid?

The tuition price for a student in the Springfield Youth Symphony, Chamber Orchestra or String Ensemble is $275 a year. A student in the Springfield Youth Choir is $200 per student. Have a sibling that wants to join?! Siblings receive 50% off tuition!

Financial aid is available in the form of partial and full tuition waivers on a need-based basis. Families may apply for aid prior to the start of the season, and will receive decisions regarding their application for funding when rehearsals begin. Families may also arrange to pay tuition in the form of monthly payment plans! We will NOT turn away any student that has a deep interest in our programs due to financial concerns!

What kind of music will we play?

Be prepared to learn ALL different types of music! Our youth orchestras are known to play many different styles from the Baroque, Classical, Romantic and 20th Century periods, along with performing other repertoire from the stage and screen, including Harry Potter, Star Wars and more! Also, students accepted into a LiveWire ensemble can expect more exposure as a soloist while they work in a smaller ensemble. Our Youth Choir also performs a variety of styles, including Bel Canto, jazz, gospel, contemporary, Broadway and more. Our conductors try to provide a wide array of music to keep things fresh and enjoyable for our students!

What is so great about the youth orchestra and programs?

The SYO/SYC programs are such a rewarding experience for young musicians to make music in a fun environment with their peers. Our quality musical performances become some of the trademark memories that students remember from their middle and high school years. We take pride in the fact that many of our students go on to great professions after their time in the program, and still think back on their times in the program fondly! We want our students to look forward to Monday nights rehearsing with their friends at the John Legend Theater and be proud of the awesome music performances they put on for packed crowds!

Check out these testimonials from our youth orchestra students and parents

What if I think I am not good enough to be accepted?

The Springfield Youth Orchestras and Youth Choir encourage ANY student that has an interest in making music to audition. WE ARE NOT LOOKING FOR PERFECTION IN AUDITIONS! For our instrumental students, we are looking for students who have a basic understanding of how to read music, good control of their basic scales, and a great attitude! For our choir members, we want students that have a good ear, projection, great attitude, and are willing to learn how to work in an ensemble!

For auditions, students will do video submissions to be accepted into the SYO/SYC program. There are many advantages to being able to record your audition at home, as you are able to record your videos on your own time and with patience. Please DO NOT be afraid to audition! We are not expecting perfection from our musicians. We want every student to succeed!

What are the audition requirements?

In general, it is preferred that students in the SYO/SYC program are currently receiving instruction in their band, orchestra and choir programs at school, or taking lessons with a private instructor. However, this is not required.

For specific audition requirements, please click here

How far is Springfield from me?

Springfield is the county seat of Clark County, OH. However, almost half of our students in SYO/SYC come from Champaign, Green, Franklin, Logan, Miami, Montgomery, and Shelby counties. Springfield is located approximately 25 miles northeast of Dayton, 45 miles west of Columbus, and is drivable from communities such as Urbana, Cedarville, West Liberty, Beavercreek, Mechanicsburg, London, South Charleston, Yellow Springs, New Carlisle, Troy and more! We ensure that even with a commute, our SYO/SCC members can rely on having a fun, safe and rewarding experience in our Youth Orchestras and Youth Choir!

Who is eligible to join?

For instrumental students (winds, brass and percussion), the age can range between 10-18 years old. The Springfield Youth Choir is open to ages 10-15 years old (grades 5-10), with some exceptions. However, we will consider all students of elementary, middle or high school age, as long as they show a deep enthusiasm for making music!

Where and when are rehearsals and concerts?

All ensembles rehearse during the school year on Monday nights at 6:00-9:00pm at the John Legend Theater in downtown Springfield. There are two major concerts a year- one in both the fall and spring. There will also be many additional performance opportunities throughout the year, especially for students selected for the LiveWire ensembles and the Youth Choir.

What is the Springfield Youth Orchestras (SYO) and Youth Choir (SYC)?

The SYO/SYC programs were established in 1959, the Springfield Youth Orchestra offers school-age students ranging in elementary school through high school the opportunity to perform and learn in a variety of solo, chamber, and full ensemble settings. The SYO/SYC currently boasts FOUR major ensembles, including the Springfield Youth Symphony, Springfield Youth Chamber Orchestra, Springfield Youth String Ensemble, and the Springfield Youth Choir. We also present our multiple chamber ensembles, known as LiveWire, which includes our woodwind quintet, brass quintet, string quartets, percussion ensemble and others.

To learn more about the SYO/SYC programs, click here 


Whether or not a student has been in the SYO/SYC program before, ALL STUDENTS MUST REAUDITION, as we want to hear every student’s progress from each year. Past SYO musicians will be accepted into the program again, but they must reaudition in order for us to properly seat them in the ensemble.

If you have any questions regarding the audition process or 2023-2024 SYO/SYC season, please email the SSO Education and Operations Manager, Inger Neighbors, at 


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